Although there are no specific documentation requirements in ASA 500, the auditor is required to comply with the documentation requirements of ASA 230[36], that requires the auditor when evaluating the extent of documentation, to consider what audit documentation is necessary to enable an experienced auditor, having no previous connection with the audit, to understand the auditor’s:

  1. Determination of whether to use the work of the management’s expert;
  2. Evaluation of the competence, capabilities and objectivity of the management’s expert;
  3. Understanding of the management’s expert’s work;
  4. Evaluation of the appropriateness of the management’s expert’s work as audit evidence for the relevant assertion.


The auditor may include in their documentation relevant extracts from the management’s expert’s findings, including the conclusions reached.


The auditor follows the documentation requirements of ASA 540[37] when the management’s expert’s work is used in the preparation of an accounting estimate.


ASA 230 Audit Documentation.


ASA 540, paragraph 39.