Circumstances When Requests for Access Are Made


The table below outlines:

  1. common circumstances when requests for access to an external auditor’s audit working papers may arise;
  2. specific paragraphs in this Guidance Statement that could be considered in deciding whether access will be granted; and
  3. the example letter(s) auditors may use for each specific circumstance listed.



Relevant Guidance Statement Paragraph

Example Letters in Appendix 1

1.        Audit of a Group Financial Report


When a controlling entity’s auditor wishes to review the audit working papers of the auditor of a controlled entity, in connection with the audit or review of the consolidated financial reports (including consolidated financial statements) of the controlling entity.[3]






Letter A

Letter C

2.        Prospective Purchaser, Investor or Lender


When a third party adviser to a prospective purchaser, investor or lender of the auditor’s client wishes to review the audit working papers to obtain information to assist them advise their client about a transaction.






Letter B1

Letter B2

Letter C

3.        Predecessor/Successor Auditor


When an entity’s newly appointed auditor (successor auditor) wants to consider the predecessor auditor’s audit working papers in connection with the next audit or review of the entity.




Letter E Letter C

4.        Internal Audit


Where the internal audit function is outsourced to an internal audit provider and the entity’s external auditor wants to review the entity’s internal audit working papers belonging to the internal audit provider to gain an understanding of the entity’s internal auditing activities relevant to the audit of the financial report.




Letter C

Letter D


5.        Joint Venture


When an auditor of a joint venture participant may want to review the audit working papers of the auditor of the joint venture audit.




Letter A

Letter C


In these circumstances, Section 323B of the Corporations Act 2001 requires the controlled entity’s auditor to give the controlling entity’s auditor any information, explanation or assistance required under Section 323A of the Act.