Written Representations


Prior to issuing the auditor’s annual prudential assurance report, the appointed auditor considers obtaining written representations[101] from responsible management and, where appropriate, those charged with governance of the ADI and/or ADI group, as are considered appropriate to matters specific to the ADI and/or ADI group. Separate representation letters may be requested for the purposes of reporting under APS 310, 3PS 310 and APS 910.


These written representations are generally in the form of a representation letter. In obtaining and using these written representations, the appointed auditor complies with the requirements of, as appropriate, AUASB standards ASA 580[102], ASRE 2405, ASAE 3000, ASAE 3150 and ASAE 3450.


Refer to Appendix 3 of this Guidance Statement for an illustrative example of the format of a representation letter, as well as examples of representations that may be considered appropriate in the specific engagement circumstances.


Including written confirmation of significant oral representations.


ASA 580 Written Representations.