Includes: Scope of this Auditing Standard, Effective Date

Scope of this Auditing Standard


This Auditing Standard applies when the auditor has decided to use audit sampling in performing audit procedures.  It deals with the auditor’s use of statistical and non-statistical sampling when designing and selecting the audit sample, performing tests of controls and tests of details, and evaluating the results from the sample.


This Auditing Standard complements ASA 500,[1] which deals with the auditor’s responsibility to design and perform audit procedures to obtain sufficient appropriate audit evidence to be able to draw reasonable conclusions on which to base the auditor’s opinion.  ASA 500 provides guidance on the means available to the auditor for selecting items for testing, of which audit sampling is one means.

Effective Date


[Deleted by the AUASB.  Refer Aus 0.3]


 See ASA 500 Audit Evidence.