For the purposes of this Auditing Standard, the following terms have the meanings attributed below:


Annual report – A document, or combination of documents, prepared typically on an annual basis by management or those charged with governance in accordance with law, regulation or custom, the purpose of which is to provide owners (or similar stakeholders) with information on the entity’s operations and the entity’s financial results and financial position as set out in the financial report.  An annual report contains or accompanies the financial report and the auditor’s report thereon and usually includes information about the entity’s developments, its future outlook and risks and uncertainties, a statement by the entity’s governing body, and reports covering governance matters.  (Ref: Para. A1–A5)


Misstatement of the other information – A misstatement of the other information exists when the other information is incorrectly stated or otherwise misleading (including because it omits or obscures information necessary for a proper understanding of a matter disclosed in the other information).  (Ref: Para. A6–A7)


Other information – Financial or non‑financial information (other than the financial report and the auditor’s report thereon) included in an entity’s annual report. (Ref: Para. A8–A10)